More Blogs

These are some really really great blogs that i love to visit to. Do go visit them!


This blog is run by an awesome member of ygladies, sunny. Bringing you links to buy clothes, shoes, accessories, etc worn by kpop artists such as 2ne1. Do go visit and as she says, happy shopping. lol i love it when the posts end like that.


Ahh sapphire pearls.. i just love this place. Bringing you the latest news about our beloved guys, super junior.

Big Bang Fansite

This has got to be my most favorite blog about big bang yet. So so up to date with the guys!

Wonder Generation

Wahh mellerz blog! I just love it! So much gifs and more

SNSD Fansite

I love this blog the most! I am like a really big fan of these girls. They are my fav girl group. This blog makes me happy every day when i go. They have an appreciation week for each girl and different photos/ gifs displayed!

Do visit these great blogs!

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  1. Thank you so much! I feel so special!

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